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Weddings in India, unlike foreign, are not only yours but your family’s most important time of life. It is also the time when you want everything to be perfect, from every function to the food, even the locations and all. To be honest, without a lot of research, hard work, and supervision, one cannot guarantee if everything will work as planned. It is your wedding day, planning your own wedding functions would be the last thing we want for you or someone else. With a wedding planner, you have someone reliable to use all his experience and expertise to make the most important day in your life the most memorable one.

What is it like to have the best Wedding Planner in Delhi for your wedding?

When marrying in Delhi, you do not want to compromise on a single thing. You can say that you have the best wedding planner in Delhi when you have the best wedding venue, supreme decoration, delicious food, the most demanded photographers, and last but not the least, an amazing wedding music band that compels you to dance on the beats. To be honest, we have it all for you so you do not have to compromise over a single thing on your wedding day.

Best Destination Wedding Planners in Delhi/ Gurugram/ Noida

Are you fed up of attending the same wedding venues & those cliche setups? We would say, why not get out of your comfort zone and experience the most exotic Indian Destination Wedding in Delhi/ NCR. wedding. Known as the Best Destination Wedding Planners, Bharatgarv Hospitality works with the most exotic venues around the globe. What differs us from our competitors is we always ensure that no matter what venue you are getting married in, the essence of Indian culture does not go missing. Where you are looking for a big fat Indian wedding or an intimate yet quiet ceremony, we are there to take care of all your needs. VIP Destination Weddings set in amazing locations around the world are no less of fairy tales. With hundreds of exotic resorts and luxury hotels with provisions for picture perfect settings, top-notch cuisines, and luxury rooms, having their doors opened for your destination wedding is like a dream comes true.

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Popular Indian Wedding Destinations

Areas like Rajasthan, Kerala, and Goa are the perennial favorites because of their visitor friendly atmosphere, diverse cultures, and natural beauty. In case you are aiming for royalty, cities like Jaipur & Udaipur in Rajasthan are home to some heritage hotels and most stunning palaces, picturesque scenery, and gorgeous architecture. At the same time many people who like beaches wish to get married by the sea. Goa, one of the most preferable wedding destinations for sea lovers, offers a huge variety of high end hotels and resorts, with a mind soothing sea side view. If you still wish to go with a Luxury Destination Wedding, you may want to check Agra, the most popular Luxury Wedding Destination of the north. Thousands of couples from all around the world visit this city of Love, and get married in the sight of the greatest symbol of love- The Taj Mahal.

Indian Destination Wedding Venues

In case you are not sure of what all things a destination wedding entails, read on. When a couple wishes to commit to a beautiful life & exchange their wedding vows together at a scenic or exotic locale, far from the normalcy of their town, that is when a Destination Wedding comes into play. Destination wedding is more like having a nice holiday and your wedding combined for your guests at your preferred destination. Mostly, couples opt for destinations that they have deep connection with, a place which holds special memories, somewhere they have always wanted to get married in, or a place they wanted to visit together with their family and friends. A destination wedding gives a different vibe which cannot be explained in words but can only be felt. At Bharatgarv Hospitality, we are delighted to provide you with the top-notch wedding destinations at competitive prices, because every couple deserves to get married at their favorite wedding destinations. If your special day is about to come, pick a destination which speaks with your heart and leave the rest on us.


Asian Wedding Destinations

If you wish to get married abroad, we would not ask you what country you want to marry in, because we know that you would have chosen it already. For those who have not, Bangkok. Maldives, and Koh Samui are some most popular wedding destinations in Asia. If you ask us our personal favorite, be all ears. The exotic islands at Maldives at just 5 hours flight via Colombo, through the blue Indian Ocean is our personal favorite Asian Wedding Destination. The reason being, you will have your own private yacht, private island, spa, and butlers at your disposal, which is once in a lifetime experience.

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European Destination Wedding

Nothing could be more romantic than your destination wedding in Europe, a continent with Exotic Beaches, White Mountains, and Green Sky (Northern Lights). Explore the top most beautiful European wedding venues in Italy, Scotland, and Ireland, to name a few. Over a hundred locations to choose from, with 20+ themes, from Northern Lights to Castles to Sea Side to Mountains. If you are one of those clients who always have something different in mind for their wedding, we would like to tell you that we are all ears and let’s make your wedding one of your & also our most memorable experience. We can help you with all that you are planning in your mind for your wedding.

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